What is App Niche Research?

If you are interested in iOS development or are already developing your own apps then you surely have heard the term “app niche” on a consistent basis. By learning about app niche research, iOS developers can find profitable niches.

What is an App Niche?

Put simply, an app niche is finding a niche market in the App Store that has demand with little competition. When the App Store started, there were not many apps in the store at that point. Having said that, the iOS market has remarkably progressed since the 2008 App Store, and there are millions of apps to download. Due to this reason, iOS developers must find a profitable niche. After all, we all started developing iOS apps to make money right?

Finding a Niche-App Niche Research

Many would argue that the iOS App Store is “totally saturated”, and “Dude, you’ll never make any money!” I cannot count how many times this was said to me when I started 6 years ago. Even though it is more difficult to mine for iOS gold than it was in 2008, it is certainly not impossible.

So, how do you find the perfect niche for your app? Let’s breakdown a few of the most important points that have helped me and my team throughout the years.

Research the App Store Daily

Every day I wake up, my eyes are on the App Store. Likewise, the same goes for bedtime. Consistently study the App Store and market fluctuations, and you can find a profitable niche.

Research Existing App Niche Competition
Make sure there are not too many apps in the niche that you discover. If you are an indie iOS developer, you simply cannot compete with Candy Crush for example. Likewise, if you are a large corporation, it doesn’t make sense to blow through investor cash on an advertising budget if you don’t have to.

You can find out how much competition there is by getting on Sensor Tower. As a rule of

thumb, I would not compete in an app niche that has over 100 existing iPhone apps.

However, I prefer to compete in niches of say 20-50 existing apps.

Research Competitor App Ranking History

Once you have found a few apps that are successful (at the very least it shows up in the

US App Store charts consistently), the next step is to check past consistency. You don’t want to have an app do well one day a month, or even do well for a month or two, and then crash.

You can discover the past rankings of your targeted competitors by getting on App Annie. After logging in your account, input the name of the app you wish to research. After that, simply click on “Rank History.” Look for ranking history that shows consistent success.

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