Great, you have an idea but can your idea pass Apple’s approval process? Not only can we guide you through the AppStore Review Guidelines, but we can also tell you if your idea is doable or not. Apple’s AppStore is a walled garden, you have to get in first to make any revenue from your hard work. We can coach you through the process.

App Review Guidelines

Apple’s App Review Guidelines are, as Apple states, “a living document.” To put this simply they can change the guidelines at any point, about any issue, anytime they want.

Generally the types of significant guidelines changes that I have seen over the years are due to shady practices such as app rating manipulation, reskinning low quality apps (spamming), and changes due to the political climate. For example, in 2012 Apple simply took all Civil War related games and content down from the App Store without warning. Why did they do this? The reason was that this content had the confederate flag in it. Regardless of your political affiliation avoid all things that are “touchy issues.” This obviously includes politics, religion, and nudity. I know one developer that had a plastic surgery type photo distortion app. Apple banned the app simply because a bunch of mothers got together and complained. At the time there were many plastic surgery related games in the App Store, the children were playing with these making the mothers upset. This guy’s completely harmless photo distortion app got caught in the crossfire and they banned the app. In sum, try to keep your apps and app ideas as clean as possible and be sure to thoroughly read the App Review Guidelines before you decide to move forward with your app idea.

Dealing with App Review Rejections

All developers have been there. Here you are, working your tail off, and finally, you submit the app, mission accomplished! Or was it? Think of app review rejections as submitting a permit application to a red tape bureaucracy. While, rejections do not always happen, they are much more common than you might think. Apple also seems to have an invisible “rating” system for developers. The more rejections you have, the more rejections you will get. If you have a lot of rejections the reviewers will be much more thorough. For example, I have one account in which it is always difficult to get apps approved, because there are more rejections. I have another account that has very few rejections and many more instant approvals. Hence, this account tends to get apps approved much easier. This is just the tip of the iceberg when dealing with rejections. Lastly, we have even had clients accounts be terminated by Apple and helped them get back in the App Store as soon as possible. Sadly but surely, dealing with Apple can be tricky and very frustrating! There are all kinds of ways to play their rejection game, but you need an expert to guide you through the possibilities.

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