App Store Optimization (ASO), IE: Keyword search, think SEO for the AppStore. It is the method to find your app in the AppStore…an “organic growth billboard”, so that people can find your app! We have built apps time and time over that only use organic growth utilizing keywords in the AppStore. In fact we have NEVER used advertising!

Organic App Growth

In order to make it in the iOS development business as an indie developer, organic downloads are your main source of traffic! How do you get this organic traffic? Firstly, you must familiarize yourself with iOS ASO. You can accomplish learning iOS ASO by taking our one-on-one customized iOS ASO course, by us providing our iOS ASO service. You can learn iOS ASO by yourself if you wish. Having said that, when I started, boy do I wish it was easy to find a customized service! Every app and niche is different, a different ASO approach is necessary for each app.

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