Advertising has a way of targeting its audience. From billboards across the US to subway advertising in Japan, all of this advertising has its way of making us stop and

look. What is the purpose of your app’s graphics: app icon, gui, and screenshots? Answer: The purpose is to get your customers to scroll, stop, look, and download your app.

What is a good GUI?

When you stop at a rest stop at the side of the road on a road trip, which shop does everyone go to? They don’t want to buy food from anyone selling outside. They want brand name type, excellent graphics. In other words, people gravitate to what looks fancy. What you need for your GUI is for it to look modern and spectacular. The code is the engine of your app, an app GUI is the paint job.

The Impulse Buy App GUI Design Service

For iOS marketing purposes the strategy that we want to employ is for the “impulse buy.” From experience, if your app is useful, and if the code works smoothly, people will buy the app, even if it is a paid or paymium app.

Once you have a highly targeted niche and once you have researched
your competition, then it is important to focus on your GUI (in combination with
your ASO of course). Basically it goes something like this: Research=>Find Niche=>Plan app + Mock Up=>focus on your graphics package. The goal here is to make App Store users stop and have a look at your app. How do you do that? You get them to stop and go into your virtual shop front. Your app icon is the store’s sign, you screenshots and description show more information to hook the customer and get them to walk in. Once you have your customers come in your virtual store (clicking on your app icon for more information), then a certain percentage of them will convert and download the app. I assure you that, the better your over-all graphics package is, customers are much more likely to download the app.
We are offering an app gui design service for non-game apps at an hourly rate. For a basic utility app a good guess of how long this will take is a couple of days. We can also give consultations regarding the total graphics package of your app at an hourly rate. Let us help you make money!

App Icon Design Service

We’ve seen many developers over the years have fantastic apps in the App Store. But there was one crucial key missing. Their icon was terrible, mediocre, or simply unnoticeable. When I started back in 2013, it would have been great to have an App Icon Design Service that understood my needs. It cannot be stressed enough how vital it is that an app have not just a good icon, but a SPECTACULAR icon! In this business we have seen downloads increase 10-20x just from an icon update. As you can see, if developers treat icon design as unimportant, or secondary, they are simply throwing money down the drain. Having said that, we can’t do everything:) So, here are a few tips below for non-artistic types and programmers. Lastly, an inquiry form is below if you wish to speed things up order our App Icon Design Service.

Tip #1: Your App Icon Must Show What the App Does

This cannot be stressed enough. If your app icon doesn’t show what the app does, people are much less likely to download it. People were pretty impatient even in the early days of the App Store when it comes to scrolling for apps. Let’s face it, the Internet of Things + Fast Food has made us ALL impatient. We want what we want, and we want it now! The App Store is no different. People won’t download an app for carpenters if the icon simply has a stick man in overalls. Likewise, selfie lovers won’t download a cool photo app if the icon is simply pink with a heart. The icon needs to show a carpentry tool and a camera related graphic respectively.

Tip #2: Make Your Icon Look Stylish, Modern, and Coordinated

In other words, your app icon has to be a beautifully crafted piece of art. Since minimalist design has become popular after iOS 7 be sure that your icon is not based on a bulky 3D type of pre-iOS 7 design. Additionally, in general, be sure to choose bright colors that are easy on the eye. A perfect example of this is the old Instagram icon and the new Instagram icon. Instagram adapted quickly after iOS 7. Once you have the

special sauce and have the right icon, don’t spoil it by adding unnecessary extra graphics. It takes time to learn the trade, practice makes perfect.

Tip #3: Make Your Icon Noticeable

As previously stated in Tip #1, people are increasingly impatient! Your app must be noticeable while users are scrolling the App Store. While searching the App Store (provided you did thorough ASO and that your app shows up), users will simply pass right over your app if the icon is not SPECTACULAR. The first thing users see in the App Store is your icon. Think of your app icon as your billboard. When driving down the highway, or while in the subway, airport, or wherever, billboards and advertising companies are experts and getting you to stop and look. This is the purpose of your icon.

Tip #4: Don’t Use Writing on Your Icon

Generally I would advise against putting writing on your icon. Yet, this also depends on the market you are targeting. For example, for Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese speakers, writing on the icon can get the attention of those respective populations. However, it is best to avoid this. Why do I say this? Because, the more writing you have on your app icon, the less space you will have to: 1) Make the app stylish 2) Show what the app does, and 3) Make your app icon noticeable.

There you go! There are a few tips for you all regarding app icon design. If you wish to have us do a professional job for you, check out our App Icon Design Service options below:

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