Building Projects in Swift

We have vast experience with multiple iOS frameworks. Most importantly we are accustomed to building projects that deal with AVFoundation and CoreBluetooth. Furthermore, we specialize in Utility apps. We have no interest in building Game projects. Having said that, we are certainly interested in exploring new frontiers.

Utility Apps

As stated above, our specialty, and favorite iOS apps to build are utility apps! See all what we have made over the years below, we are ready to dive into anything innovative that makes money!

Our History of Building Utility Apps

We started building apps back in 2012 in New York City while making a career change to the tech world, going to tech meetups, etc.

Pebble Smartwatch iOS Companion Apps

At one of the tech meetups in New York City we stumbled upon a Pebble Smartwatch meetup. Shortly thereafter a Pebble Smartwatch iOS companion app was born called “Pebble GPS.”

It sounds archaic in 2021, but what the app did in 2013 was track your speed and show a map on the Pebble Smartwatch while being connected to the iOS companion app. This is really what got us off our feet and started in the iOS development business!

Bluetooth Device Finders

Recently one of the most popular apps to download on the App Store are Bluetooth Device Finders. Yep, we made our own that has withstood the tests of time and is still alive and kicking in 2021!

Hunting Callers

Have you ever seen Hunters use Hunting Calls? We made our own that is used by our clients to call wildlife for outdoors viewing and for hunting.

Hearing Aid Apps

Perhaps our most promising niche at the moment is in the smart hearing aid business. We now have a code that can pretty much do everything a smart hearing aid can do via wired or wireless headphones. We are still making improvements at the moment. If any smart hearing aid company wishes to work with us to see what we got, by all means, please reach out to us!

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